OASIS-DC1 Digital Camera Trigger Interface for OASIS-4i

OASIS-DC1 Digital Camera Trigger Interface for OASIS-4i

The Objective Imaging OASIS-DC1 is an optional plug-in daughter board for the OASIS-4i controller, providing synchronization between the OASIS-4i motion controller and various digital cameras supporting trigger output signals.

The OASIS-DC1 is the core hardware technology enabling Turboscan fast mosaic imaging for digital cameras supported by the Surveyor application solution.

Other applications of the OASIS-DC1 include implementations of fast, precise digital autofocus, as well as improved speed of 3D stack acquisition. OASIS-4i Library support includes synchronized Z-axis position readout based on OASIS-DC1 information.

Key Benefits
  • Compatible with TTL, Opto, and RS-422
  • Library support for synchronized Z-axis position data
  • Daughter board to OASIS-4i for minimum footprint
  • Enables Turboscan and digital autofocus for Surveyor

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