BLUE-EXPIO Encoder and Trigger Interface Module for OASIS-blue


The BLUE-EXPIO is an optional plug-in daughter board for the OASIS-blue controller, providing support for encoder inputs on all axes, as well as synchroniza

The BLUE-EXPIO is the core hardware technology enabling Turboscan fast mosaic imaging for digital cameras supported by the Surveyor application solution.

Other applications of the BLUE-EXPIO include implementations of fast, precise digital autofocus, as well as improved speed of 3D stack acquisition. OASIS Library support includes synchronized Z-axis position readout based on BLUE-EXPIO information.

Key Features
  • RS-422 / TTL encoder support
  • Compatible with TTL, Opto, and RS-422 trigger signals
  • Library support for synchronized Z-axis position data
  • Daughter board to OASIS-blue for minimum footprint
  • Enables Turboscan and digital autofocus for Surveyor

BLUE-DAC 4-Channel Analog Controller, Axis 5/6, and Video Autofocus Module for OASIS-blue


The Objective Imaging BLUE-DAC is an optional plug-in daughter board for the OASIS-blue controller, providing four channels of analog I/O, video autofocus, and control electronics for axes 5 and 6.

The BLUE-DAC offers four channels of 16-bit digital to analog converters ideally suited for Piezo focus and other applications where 0-10V analog control is required. The BLUE-DAC module includes one on-board DAC channel output to allow easy connection of a Piezo focus amplifier.

The BLUE-DAC includes an on-board analog video digitizer with goodness of focus scoring and advanced features such as dual thresholding (one per interlace) with area and maximum chord length measurement hardware, all done at camera frame-rates.

Also, when used in conjunction with the BLUE-CONNECT output PCB, the BLUE-DAC offers control electroncis to expand the OASIS-blue from four to six total axes.

Key Features
  • Four channels of 16-bit DACs for 0-10V analog control outputs
  • Four channels of 16-bit ADCs
  • Control logic for stepper axes 5 and 6 at full microstepping resolution
  • Video-based autofocus in conjunction with OASIS-blue DSP

BLUE-CONNECT Advanced Output and Fan Card

The Objective Imaging BLUE-CONNECT is an optional sister card for the OASIS-blue controller. It is used in conjunction with the BLUE-DAC module to provide the various connectors for axes 5 & 6, as well as analog and digital I/O capabilities.

The BLUE-CONNECT also includes an integrated fan that is positioned to provide extra cooling for the OASIS-blue driver chips.

Key Features
  • 36-way Champ connector for Axes 5 and 6
  • I/O connector for 4 channel DACs, 4 channel ADCs
  • Pass-thorugh connector for Leica SmartMove
  • Integrated cooling far for OASIS-blue driver chips

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