Surveyor for Image-Pro®

Objective Imaging's Surveyor with Turboscan fast mosaic acquisition is now available as the OASIS Turboscan Capture Driver for Media Cybernetics Image-Pro version 5.1 or higher.

Surveyor for Image-Pro

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The OASIS Turboscan capture driver includes the scanning and mosaic imaging features of the stand-alone Surveyor application, integrated within the Image-Pro environment:

Mosaic Image Window

  • Special mosaic image window
  • Manages very large Surveyor mosaic data sets independently from Image-Pro size / memory restrictions
  • Full Surveyor specimen map interaction for pattern definition, relocation, and mosaic zoom and pan
  • Status readout of mosaic and position information

Mosaic Image Transfer

  • Send to Image-Pro as full or reduced resolution mosaic
  • Send to Image-Pro as individual tiles
  • Send to Image-Pro as Sequence
  • Auto-transfer during standard scan or at completion of scanning
  • User selection of transfer area
  • Transfer of image calibration and stage position information

Auto-Pro Macro Support

  • Run Auto-Pro macro on tile acquisition during standard scan
  • Return processed tile to Surveyor mosaic after macro during standard scanning
  • Execute Surveyor scanning from Auto-Pro macros
  • Execute mosaic transfer and reset from Auto-Pro macros
  • Set pattern origin from Auto-Pro macros

Live Image Preview and Capture

  • Single frame image capture using standard Image-Pro acquisition facilities
  • Surveyor image setup dialog, including shading correction
  • Calibrated graticule in live Preview window

Software Joystick Window

  • XY stage control joystick
  • Z focus control joystick
  • Multiple joystick sensitivities
  • Predictive focus and autofocus

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