Objective Imaging Slide Loader for Surveyor

The OI Loader software is an optional plug-in module for Surveyor that controls the Prior Scientific PL-200 slide loader for automatic loading and scanning of up to 200 slides in one run.

The OI Loader plug-in for Surveyor incorporates these features:

  • Control of Prior PL-200 for automatic scanning of up to 200 standard slides
  • Automatic tissue detection and focus setup for one or more tissues per slide for optimized, fully automatic operation
  • Support for user-defined sample name or naming based on optional PL-200 barcode reader
  • Setup wizard for PL-200 to assist in the initial calibration and setup of the loader
Objective Imaging Surveyor Turboscan System with Slide Loader
Surveyor with Turboscan from Objective Imaging for high speed mosaic image acquisition and control of Prior PL-200 slide loader

The following videos demonstrate the use of the OI Loader software with Surveyor. Please click the file name to download and view the video.

The Windows Movie files (.WMV) include captions and are of smaller overall size but have slightly diminished video quality.

The .WRF files are the raw Webex recordings. These have the best resolution and frame rate when downloaded, but do not include captions.

The Webex Player is required to view the .WRF files locally. Get the Webex .WRF player.

Those with fast connections may try the (stream) link for streaming playback of the raw recordings without the need for a full download, but playback could be jerky depending on connection.


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