Surveyor Features

Mosaic Acquisition

  • Turboscan for fast continuous scan and acquire
  • Standard scan for step and acquire for low light applications
  • Snake and raster scanning
  • User-defined settle time at each field
  • Pause and continue scanning mode
  • Grab individual fields into mosaic with key-press
  • Acquire at full or reduced resolution
  • JPEG compression option
  • Image streaming for mosaic sizes limited only by free disk space

Scan Patterns

  • Rectangle
  • Circular
  • Annular
  • Cross ("+", "x")
  • Random
  • User-defined
  • Save / load scan patterns
  • Keyboard support for pattern scanning and stage navigation

Camera Support

  • Image setup based on camera capabilities
  • Exposure, gain, offset, and gamma control as available
  • Automatic and manual white balance
  • Color or monochrome acquisition
  • Frame-rate shading correction
  • Shading correction on live display
  • Calibrated graticule overlay on live image
  • Grab, copy, save live image

Export / Import

  • Workspace save and load of full mosaic, scan pattern and Surveyor environment
  • Export mosaic as full resolution bitmap
  • Export mosaic as reduced resolution bitmaps
  • Export user-selected region of interest
  • Print full mosaic or selected region
  • Print preview

Specimen Map

  • Stage and pattern views
  • Point and click relocation to position or pattern field
  • Real-time graphic display of current stage position on specimen map
  • Zoom and pan
  • Drag-drop pattern definition
  • Acquire and display multiple mosaics at different magnifications


  • X and Y calibration factors
  • Stored calibration table for multiple lens and secondary optic settings
  • Guided camera to stage alignment procedure
  • Automatic correlation-based calibration procedure
  • Automatic stage orthogonality correction

Microscope Automation

  • OASIS-4i XY stage and Z focus
  • Software joystick for stage, focus, turret, and lamp control
  • Leica Microsystems DM range focus, turret, condenser, and lamp control via RS-232
  • Olympus BX-61 focus, turret, condenser, and lamp control via RS-232
  • Stage and focus speed defined per objective
  • Computer controlled parfocality and illumination defined per objective

Automatic Focus

  • Multi-point predictive focus for continuous focus tracking
  • Predictive focus setup wizard
  • Video autofocus using OASIS-AF module
  • Digital camera autofocus using OASIS-DC1 module
  • Autofocus parameters stored separately for each objective lens

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