OASIS control software

The full capabilities of the OASIS control hardware are accessed via high-level functions in our standard Windows DLL, or optionally using our ActiveX components for very quick up-time.

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For transparent system integration, our control DLL simplifies the task of automation control by:

  • Managing critical set-up and maintenance tasks of the OASIS controllers and optional modules
  • Providing easy-to-use functions for positional control by employing a real-world co-ordinate system
  • Organizing functions according to application-specific tasks, such as stage control and automatic focus

OASIS ActiveX Controls


Optionally available are a powerful set of ActiveX controls that provide a rich set of functionality for not only basic hardware control, but also advanced scanning and user-interface elements that further simply automated applications.

For instance, to allow free movement of an XY stage via software, simply drop the Objective Imaging SoftJoystick control onto a Visual Basic form and immediately start driving!

Furthermore, the OASIS ActiveX library contains a powerful scan pattern generator, allowing immediate creation and execution of rectangular, circular, cross, random, and user defined scanning patterns.

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Whether your goal is seamless integration into a flagship automated imaging system, or customized operation for a unique application, Objective Imaging's complete range of automation control software ensures you are fully utilizing the OASIS line of automation control products with minimal effort.


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