OASIS-4i Four Axis Controller


The Objective Imaging OASIS-4i controller is a PCI compliant plug-and-play board that provides control of up to four micro-stepping motors. This allows precise movement of XY stages and focus mechanisms (the Z axis), and the fourth axis controller allows for automation of extra peripheral devices such as filter wheels.

OASIS-4i is a complete, self-contained solution. No additional power supplies are required--just install the board into a Windows PC, connect the appropriate cables and you are ready to move XY stages, focus motors, and other peripheral devices.

Various options are available to enhance the OASIS-4i for automatic focus, digital camera synchronization, as well as shutter and multiple filter wheel support.

The OASIS-4i controller is the foundation on which Objective Imaging's Surveyor with Turboscan fast mosaic imaging application solution is based.

Key Benefits
  • Universal controller, compatible with stepper-based stages including Ludl Electronics Products, Märzhäuser Wetzlar, Prior Scientific, and Semprex
  • PCI-compliant for easy installation and high-speed interface
  • Microstepping for fast, precise operation
  • Internal to PC for small footprint
  • Low cost, no extra power supply needed
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