OASIS-AF Video Signal Processor for the OASIS-4i


The Objective Imaging OASIS-AF is an optional daughter board that plugs into the Objective Imaging OASIS-4i controller, providing high performance processing of monochrome, composite, and Y/C video signals for real time calculation of degree of focus.

The OASIS-AF algorithms work in concert with the OASIS-4i controller for fast autofocus operation as well as advanced measurements such as detected field area.

Since these measurements are made directly in the automation controller at video rates, the PC software does not need to grab the image or process it further until the board has determined that the image is in focus and contains useful detail.

Scanning applications benefit greatly from the enhanced throughput provided by on-board video processing for autofocus and blank field detection.

Key Benefits
  • Compatible with standard video (NTSC, PAL, SECAM)
  • Real-time autofocus information
  • Real-time blank field detection
  • Daughter board to OASIS-4i for minimum footprint
  • Programmable for user-defined settings
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