OASIS Interface for Leica Microsystems SmartMove Controller

OI-SNP SmartMove Interface Card for OASIS-4i
OI-SNP SmartMove Interface Card for OASIS-4i

The Leica Microsystems SmartMove device provides an ergonomic manual input controller for automated XY stage and Z focus movement, used with the Leica Microsystems range of automated microscope stands.

Objective Imaging's OI-SNP interface card allows the SmartMove to be used with standard 3rd party stages and focus adaptors that are controlled via the OASIS-4i controller.

The OI-SNP allows each axis of the SmartMove to be independently configured for use with either built-in microscope control or OASIS-4i control.

Examples of configurations possible with the OI-SNP:
  • Leica DMIRE2 microscope fitted with a Prior motorized stage. By using the OI-SNP, the Prior XY stage is controlled using the XY hand controls on the SmartMove, while the Z control of the SmartMove controls the built-in DM focus motor
  • A manual microscope with retrofitted Ludl XY stage and Ludl focus motorization and OASIS-4i controller card. The OI-SNP permits full XY stage and Z focus control via the SmartMove controller.
Key Features
  • Independent configuration of each axis to allow pass-through operation of any axis to Leica microscope or OASIS-4i controller
  • Fully compatible with Leica Microsystems CTRMIC microscope interface
  • Allows SmartMove controller to be used with 3rd party stages and focus drives such as Ludl, Marzhauser, Prior, and Semprex
  • Allows standard Objective Imaging joystick unit to be used in conjunction with SmartMove

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